To keep your carpets and rugs in perfect condition we offer an expert cleaning and repair service 

Washing – Flattening creased carpets

Cleaning, including stain removal, involves careful beating, vacuuming and washing using specialised techniques. No industrial products, which can cause long-term damage, are used. Our cleaning methods are guaranteed not to cause any harm.

Regular cleaning removes dust, soil, and other particles, which can attract destructive insects such as moths. and restores the carpet’s original colours and the glow of the wool or silk.  Extending the life of your carpet far outweighs the cost of cleaning.

Repair of fringes and fraying – Repair of holes and tears  Reweaving

We have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of carpet repair. Our repair techniques, including reweaving matching the original materials, are designed to preserve or duplicate the original carpet, so that the repair is virtually invisible.

Persian Carpets’ skilled experts provide a variety of services including cleaning, reweaving, repairs, mothproofing, repairing fire or flood damage, pet stain and odour removal, scotchgard, asthma and allergy relief and padding. 

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